E&W offers a range of services for social science researchers and we tailor our approaches to project specification to reflect the unique requirements for every client.  Our methodology, sampling framework, mode of data collection and component milestones are carefully constructed to adhere to study protocols and project deliverables.



E&W social science and research consulting services include:

  • Study design and sampling plans

  • IRB approval support and HIPAA compliance

  • Multi-modal questionnaire design and programming

  • Research project conceptualization, implementation and management

  • Program evaluation and needs assessment

  • Database management, data mining and secondary data research

  • Statistical analysis and interpretation

  • Focus group recruitment and management of qualitative research

  • Qualitative and quantitative report writing, executive reports and presentations

E&W provides research data collection services as stand-alone or in multi-mode combinations:

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • Intercept Interviews
  • Field Observations
  • Door-to-Door Surveys
  • In-depth Personal and Executive Interviewing
  • Video Observation

  • Social Media Outreach and Impact

  • Web-based Surveys

  • Mail Surveys


E&W offers a range of field data collection services for a multitude of research and data needs, using conventional and electronic data collection tools and a highly trained multi-lingual staff in various locations in the U.S. 

Field research services provided by E&W include:

  • Door-to-Door surveys following explicit route and attempt protocols in a wide range of defined geographic locations using various data collection means;

  • Intercepts in public as well as private locations using distinct procedures and scripts, including stimulus material presentation and incentives;

  • Field observations in range of sites and settings, including video recording, manual and electronic frequency counts, tallying and coding for traffic, visitor and other interactions;

  • In-depth personal and executive Interviewing, including structured or standardized interviews for exploratory and qualitative research protocols;


E&W maintains a 20-station Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) laboratory in our downtown San Francisco office and employs a highly trained team of multi-lingual phone interviewers to conduct telephone surveys in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian.

Our telephone data collection adheres to the highest standards of survey research practices and includes advanced software and real-time monitoring systems together with continuous live supervision and survey data verification.  In addition to survey research technique and system-relevant training, E&W staff have also participated in trainings on human subjects protection and intervention protocols.

E&W research practices in conjunction with our continuous data screening and scientific sample management produces the highest quality telephone survey data available.

To receive more information on how we can assist with telephone data collection, please email us:



E&W provides professional assistance and scientific data collection for evaluations and needs assessments for public health and public policy projects.  This includes program effectiveness evaluations, community needs analysis, intervention design, solution strategies and their implementation and the identification of needs for future program planning.  Our experience comprises the examination of cultural and linguistic needs of patient groups for health care providers, and the service needs and language requirements for specific health organization member subgroups.  Our evaluation reports and needs assessment outputs are designed and executed to adhere to the specified requirements outlined by state departments and other official guidelines. 

Our evaluation experience includes the assessment of after-school programs impact on reading and comprehension levels, social interaction and attitudes toward school and scholastic achievement as well as the evaluation of the impact of mentoring programs on youth behavior related to graduation attainment and future vocational aspirations.


E&W offers media and marketing outreach research and consulting services for the quantification and analysis of dissemination levels of social marketing campaigns.  Together with media outreach and marketing organizations, E&W employs standardized data collection and analysis procedures to determine the awareness and effectiveness of social marketing campaigns conducted for state agencies on an array of topics.  We collate and interpret online traffic data, patterns and temporal relationships throughout campaigning and we assist in the assessment of the level of campaign understanding and its behavioral impact with statistically sound data collection and analysis methods.


E&W offers energy efficiency and environmental resource research and data collection services for utilities, regulatory agencies and organizations to assist and implement the undertaking of the evaluation of programs designed to promote resource conservation, especially energy efficiency.  

Services offered include all phases of evaluation planning, research design, contracting and project management as well as providing support for stakeholder groups.  E&W research is designed to meet or exceed applicable standards and to facilitate progress in achieving forward-looking programmatic, forecasting and regulatory needs and ensuring proper valuation of environmental benefits. Additional services provided include secondary research and reporting, document review, and strategic planning for utilities and environmental agencies on state and federal level.