About Ewald & Wasserman

Ewald & Wasserman Research Consultants (E&W) is a full-service social science survey research organization, offering qualitative and quantitative data collection, project conceptualization, survey management and comprehensive statistical analysis services. E&W conducts public policy, public health program and outreach evaluations, including customer needs assessments and behavioral impact studies.

Our team’s areas of expertise include research on tobacco, drug and alcohol use, education and mentoring program outcomes in addition to traffic safety, utility customer satisfaction and public opinion projects.

E&W clients include academic, non-for profit and commercial organizations in the social science and behavioral research field, including state and federal agencies, institutions of higher learning and other organizations with a need for exceptional scientific research support.

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, we are a women-owned, small business providing high quality data collection services using our telephone center, in-person, web-based, social media and multi-mode survey research approaches.